“My mom takes the leftover mashed potatoes and smashes them into these pancake-latke things. She fries them up in butter and we eat them with greek yogurt or sour cream.” – Allie Wist, Art Associate

“Every year, it’s a tradition for my family and I to spend our Friday afternoon munching on Thanksgiving leftovers while we begin baking large quantities of Italian Christmas cookies. If it weren’t for filling up on the leftovers, there probably would be far fewer cookies saved for the upcoming holiday parties.” – Michelle Heimerman, Photo Editor

“I’m a hot brown for breakfast kind-of guy.” – Craig Cavallo, Staff Writer

“Cranberry sauce was my favorite Thanksgiving dish growing up—I know, I was a weird kid—so I’ve always loved putting the leftover sauce on warm buttered toast the next morning. I make my cranberry sauce with lots of walnuts, pears, and a splash of Cognac, which, unsurprisingly, only gets better with time.” – Amanda Arnold, Assistant Web Editor