June’s Most Popular Recipes

Check out our most popular recipes from this month

Summer officially began this month, and you were ready: our most popular dishes from June were an eclectic mix of picnic dishes, seafood treats, fun desserts, and plenty of grilled delights. From crab cakes made with almond flour to herb-marinated steak, here are our most viewed and shared recipes from the month.

We do as much cooking on the grill as we can once summer starts, and you clearly love cooking outside over an open flame too. Grilled skewers from around were popular this month. From the Middle East come shish kebabs, featuring chicken marinated in lemon juice, oil, salt, pepper, saffron, garlic, and onions, as well as skewers of tomato, pepper, mushrooms, and zucchini. From Thailand comes muu satay, coconut-marinated pork skewers.

As the weather gets warm, seafood dishes become popular. For a luxurious cookout dish, try grilled lobster poached in its own shell in a pool of melted garlic-parsley butter. You also liked our crab cakes and lemon aïoli. The crab cakes are made with almond flour instead of conventional wheat flour—it started as a gluten-free workaround, but we found that this recipe is actually more moist and tender than a traditional crab cake.

Mayonnaise-based salads are summer picnic classics. You were especially drawn to one potato salad and one chicken salad. Our fingerling potato salad features mint, asparagus, and eggs and is dressed with a homemade chive mayonnaise. The chicken salad that was popular this month was developed for Neiman Marcus department stores in the 1950s and features almonds, celery and grapes.

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