Give Your Scrambled Eggs a French Twist

Michel Roux whisks new life into an old classic

By Craig Cavallo

Published on February 17, 2016

"There is only one way to cook scrambled eggs," says chef Michel Roux. "Slowly." So he does just that for this elevated take on the tired breakfast classic. Roux starts in a pan over low heat with melted butter, to which well-whisked (and seasoned) eggs are added. It's important here to keep them in motion, to form small curds and a soft scramble. Roux's technique of choice is a figure eight with a wooden spoon. The eggs will cook slowly, but keep a close watch on the pan; the process is a matter of minutes even at low heat. The finishing touch, which ensures the eggs will be, in Roux's words, "gooey, lovely, and tasty," is a dash of cream.

The boiled crab shells, from which the meat has been carefully removed, are the serving vessel. Roux places a generous dollop of scrambled eggs in each shell and tops them with crab meat, being sure that each one gets a crab claw—this dish is all about flair. To add color and contrast to the soft texture of the perfectly scrambled eggs, Roux adds asparagus tips and chopped chives, and voilà! Breakfast is ready. Sorry ketchup, you're not invited.

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