Shibuya Honey Toast

shibuya honey toast
Shibuya Honey ToastMatt Taylor-Gross

This over-the-top architectural dessert (also known as brick toast) is popular in tea shops and casual restaurants in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. The dish is meant to be shared with a friend (or three) and the more color, texture, and height the better, so don’t skimp on the garnishes. Cookies, seasonal fruit, and candy are typical ingredients, but sprinkles, nuts, and flavored syrups are not unheard of.

For best results, start your Shibuya toast with The World's Fluffiest White Bread, then serve it in a large, flat-bottomed bowl or platter to catch any inevitable overflow and with a set of steak knives for cutting into the toasty crust. As for how to eat it: Fortune favors the bold.