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Here’s What SAVEUR Editors Are Buying This Prime Day

It’s a great time to stock up on appliances, kitchen tools, and cookware that are on mega sale.

By SAVEUR Editors

Updated on July 13, 2022

I’ve been on the fence about buying yet another appliance to do a single job in the kitchen, but the time has finally come: I’m buying a rice cooker. A cute one that’s compact, makes just enough rice for my family of four, has preprogrammed settings (but not too many!), and comes in bright teal, soft pink, cheerful yellow, and minimalist white. — Ellen Fort, Deputy Commerce Editor

For the last few months, I’ve been on the lookout for a good candy thermometer, and this one fits the bill. It’s made from stainless steel, has a cool-to-the-touch nylon handle, and a pan clip that is silicone-coated, so it won’t cause any damage to my pots or pans. Plus, it’s such a steal right now at less than $15, which means now is the perfect time to level up my caramel game. — Micki Wagner, Commerce Editor

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to upgrade my dinged and dented tag-sale cookware, and, dear reader, the time has come. Don’t @ me, cast iron stans—we both know that stainless is more practical for everyday cooking. It’s lightweight, dishwasher-safe, requires no seasoning, and is light enough in color to see when the brown butter is about to turn into something hideously chthonic. I’m also done taking my chances on new brands and knockoffs: Calphalon is a dependable household name for a reason. — Benjamin Kemper, Senior Recipes Editor

I love vacuum sealers, not because I can then sous vide foods without fear of the water getting into the bag, but because it's great for food storage. I love using my sealer for everything from stocks to legs of lamb to scallops. I'm not afraid of over shopping because I know my food will freeze airtight and without any freezer burn. And the best part, you can buy different sized bags so you're utilizing precious freezer space effectively. — Fatima Khawaja, Test Kitchen Manager

KitchenAid Classic Mixing Bowls for $23.99 (Save $9)

After an unfortunate ceiling leak situation, I’m in need of new mixing bowls for whipping up cookie dough, tossing salads, storing fruit, and more. These KitchenAid bowls are dishwasher safe and come with a pour spout, which helps when transferring cake batters and doughs. Plus, the mint green color is so retro chic. — Leah Scalzadonna, Commerce Editor

I’m a runny yolk kinda gal, and while most people I know prize their sous vide cooker for its ability to produce precisely cooked meats, I’ve longed after one simply for the ease and consistency of set-it-and-forget-it soft boiled eggs. From ramen and oatmeal to salads and grain bowls, few things can’t be made better (at least at my house) by putting an egg on it. Stick-style sous vide cookers like this one are a favorite amongst the Saveur staff for their compact size and ability to attach to everything from a small saucepan to a large Dutch oven. Plus, you can control cooking from your phone–which means I no longer have to stand sentry at my stove top while praying for still-jammy yolks. — Laura Sampedro, Managing Editor

Look—I love to cook. I do it every day! I also like going outside and doing stuff, and when I do, it makes things easy when I can drop in some ingredients, turn a dial, and return home to dinner on the (metaphorical) table. No, it’s not the same as turning on the stovetop and putting in the work, but with some practice and tweaking of recipes, you can make meals that are uniquely hearty and satisfying with a good, old-fashioned slow cooker. — Seung Park, Senior Social Media Editor

A wine fridge is not just for wine. In fact, that steady cellar temperature just so happens to be the ideal holding point for all sorts of foods that are best enjoyed a few degrees cooler than comfortable room temp. A ripening wheel of Camembert? Check. Spreadable-yet-firm butter? Check. Your favorite dry-cured charcuterie? Check. Top-quality chocolate, with just that bit of snap? Check, check, check.

Unfortunately, I haven’t the kitchen space to spare for one of the big guys and that’s why I have my eye on this skinny little wonder. It slides discreetly into a 6-inch-wide space and holds up to seven 750-mL bottles (or whatever else you want to keep in there). The digital temperature control allows you to preset the fridge to your liking while the double-walled UV-protected glass door and internal LED light lets you keep an eye on your stash without damaging the contents. — Kat Craddock, Editorial Director

For someone obsessed with making silky-smooth, restaurant-quality soups and sauces at home, the Vitamix was a blessing from above that saved me from a life of using (and cleaning) fine mesh strainers every time I wanted to get my bisque on. It was worth every penny I saved to buy it all those years ago, but these days, when I’m mostly cooking for one, I find it’s just too large to make a smooth, me-sized portion of sauce or dressing. Enter the Vitamix One, the most compact version of the OG high-powered blender, with a smaller footprint but equally strong motor to pulverize seeds, blend herbs, and even decimate shrimp shells, for the times when the only guest I want to impress is myself. — Laura Sampedro, Managing Editor

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is an annual sales event that Amazon hosts for its Prime members. On Prime Day, members will find significant savings on everything from toys to tech to kitchen appliances (including Dutch ovens). This year it is taking place across two days—July 12 and 13.

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