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Our Place Just Dropped Its Cutest Cookware Yet

And you definitely have the kitchen space for it.

By Leah Scalzadonna

Published on August 11, 2022

Our Place is always making headlines—and for good reason. The cookware brand is well-known for its stylish, multipurpose Always Pan and Perfect Pot, which are constantly being updated in exciting ways, from new styles and materials to celebrity collaborations. Today, fresh off the release of their dreamy new color, Our Place has just announced that their fan-favorite Always Pan and Perfect Pot are available in new miniature sizes. 

What can I expect from the new sizes?

Perfect for small-batch cooking and serving right on the table, the Mini Always Pan and Mini Perfect Pot can fit seamlessly into tiny apartments, cozy dorm rooms, and road-trip-ready campers. The small-scale cookware is available in six sleek shades: steam, char, sage, spice, blue salt, and lavender. Like the full-sized versions, the 8.5-inch pan and pot boast the same multifunctionality and nonstick, non-toxic ceramic coating that’s perfect for scrambling eggs or cooking pasta for two. And, once you’re done using them, a simple wipe down is all it takes for them to be good as new. 

How can I buy the mini Always Pan and Perfect Pot?

Starting Aug. 9, the miniature cookware is available to purchase on Our Place’s website, and is expected to ship in mid-August. The smaller versions of the Always Pan and Perfect Pot are available for $115 and $125 respectively, or you can purchase a bundle of both for $195. We don’t advise waiting—Our Place is known to sell out quickly, and these small-but-mighty kitchen workhorses will be no exception.

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