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Some of the SAVEUR Blog Award Winners (front row, from left) Frankie Gaw of Little Fat Boy, Farrell Monaco of Tavola Mediterranea, Hannah Dela Cruz of Make it Dough, Bella Karragiannidis of Ful-Filled;Back row, from left: Bryan Ford of Artisan Bryan, Jaughna Nielsen-Babbit of To What Place , Anna Chwistek of Serving Dumplings, Kate Bowler of Domestikated Life, Erika Kwee of The Pancake Princess, Emily TK of A Short Girl’s Feast, Heifa TK of Fufu's Kitchen, Maggie Zhu of Omnivore’s Cookbook. Each received a tray from Rookwood Pottery, a world-renowned ceramics studio in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.
Editor-in-chief Sarah Gray Miller speaks with guests.
Roast duck breast and leg mortadella, in perfect harmony with Goose Island Matilda.
Duck liver mousse crostini with pickled cauliflower.