Ukrainian Chicken Liver Pie (Pechinkoviy Tort)

Ukrainian Chicken Liver Pie
Puréed chicken livers make the base of this traditional Ukrainian pie, made from crêpes assembled with layers of garlicky dill-infused mayonnaise.Max Avdeev

This recipe comes from Ukrainian home cook Oksana Zagriychuk, a family friend of writer Boris Fishman. It’s called a “pie,” but if anything, it’s more like a savory cake made with layers of delicate chicken liver crêpes. The glue that holds it all together is a garlicky dill-infused mayonnaise. “It’s good,” Zagriychuk says, “but you won’t be kissing anyone after.” When making the liver crêpes, “the first ones always comes out sideways”, Zagriychuk says, but “a little batter hides all our sins.” The zest of the raw garlic balances the creaminess of the mayonnaise and amps up the savoriness of the liver in the crêpes, but Fishman says the filling can include, or exclude, whatever herbs and aromatics you like.

What You Will Need