Tasty Artichoke Dishes

Artichokes are delicious on their own or incorporated into other dishes. SAVEUR magazine delivers twelve tasty artichoke recipes.

Artichoke Tea Sandwiches A staple of Southern garden clubs and church luncheons, the tea sandwich takes on a more satisfying dimension with the addition of artichokes. See this Recipe
Grilled Baby Artichokes Whether cooked over coals or under a broiler, tender halved baby artichokes have a delicate yet concentrated flavor and a crisp exterior. See this Recipe
Tangy marinated artichokes with mascarpone and chives make a delicious topping for crostini.
Greens and Artichokes Stew This flavorful dish is a springtime favorite in the Middle East. See this Recipe
Pleasantly bitter baby artichoke hearts, thinly sliced with a mandolin, are wonderful paired with fresh mint and Parmesan cheese.
Marinated Artichoke Hearts We try to keep a jar of these marinated artichokes on hand for pasta dishes or omelettes. See this Recipe
Fettuccine with Artichokes and Chicken We got this satisfying pasta dish from Justin Smillie, the chef at Smith's, a restaurant in New York City. See this Recipe
Braised Artichokes These tender, herbed baby artichokes are delicious on their own as a side dish or as a component of dozens of other dishes, from pizzas and pastas to salads and frittatas. See this Recipe
This recipe is based on one that SAVEUR deputy editor Dana Bowen's Italian-American family has used for generations. See the recipe for Stuffed Artichokes »
We love these everyday delicacies for their simplicity. See the recipe for Steamed Artichokes »
Blending artichoke with heavy cream makes for a velvety and satisfying bowl of soup. See the recipe for Cream of Artichoke Soup »
Skirt Steak with Artichoke and Potato Hash This recipe is based on one from David Tanis, the author of A Platter of Figs and the chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. See this Recipe

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