Video: How to Peel Kiwi with a Spoon

Test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin shows us a trick for removing the skin of a kiwi fruit

While the skin of kiwi fruit is completely edible, its fuzzy texture is unpalatable in most applications, so we usually prefer to peel it before eating. The easiest way we've found to do it? With a spoon. Test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin shows us her trick for getting the skin off quickly and easily: Start by cutting off the ends of the kiwi. Next, insert the spoon just inside the skin of the fruit, and slowly rotate the spoon around the kiwi, separating the fruit from the skin with the edge of the spoon. If any skin remains, use the edge of the spoon to peel it off. Clean, safe, and quick!

Now that your kiwi is ready to go, try it out in our favorite grilled sangria or on top of some lemon-curd vanilla ice cream.

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