Seung Park

Senior Social Media Editor

Seung Park is SAVEUR’s senior social media editor. He runs the day-to-day workings of the magazine’s social media platforms, and contributes to the magazine whenever he can tear himself away from TikTok.


  • Expertise managing social media across all platforms
  • Words and video in Slate, Kotaku, and more


Seung Park has worked in social media for close to a decade, with expertise not only in food publications but across the breadth of the industry—with experience in running social accounts for political pubs, video games, and more. His words have appeared in a variety of publications including Slate, and has appeared on camera discussing social media and food for publications like Gizmodo and Kotaku. When he’s not scrolling through TikTok or in the kitchen, Seung likes to swim, snowboard, and catch up on the latest Star Wars fandom arguments.


Seung graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in journalism and mass communication, where he also discovered his lifelong love of cheese curds, bread cheese, beer cheese, and sharp Wisconsin cheddar.

Desert Island Ingredient


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