In what we’re labeling “Culinary Cartography,” Travel Supermarket teamed up with chef and food stylist Rosie Mackean to portray the geography of several European countries using delicious, region-specific foods.

Travel Supermarket thought that creating maps of the European gastronomic giants would be a fun way to celebrate the rich culinary tradition that makes each nation so special. Spoiler—they were right. Their website features complete and delicious-looking food maps of Spain, Italy, and Greece—all with an interactive magnifying glass feature. Check out the delectable jamon from Spain’s Castille and Leon regions, or maybe plot a road trip from the olives of Sicily to the salami of Umbria.

Buen provecho! Courtesy of Travel Supermarket
Hills of pasta and mountains of salami. Courtesy of Travel Supermarket
Olives, tzatziki, and feta make for wonderfully textured terrain. Courtesy of Travel Supermarket

And just in case you wanted to try your hand at food-mapping, they’ve even included a behind-the-scenes look into just how Mackean assembled these interesting spreads, and—quite literally—put food on the map.