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Your "Grilling Getaway" Weekend

From award-winning restaurants to famous dishes and gourmet shops, New York City has something for every foodie. Spend a weekend in the city, and experience the best of New York's grilling delights. SAVEUR is offering one lucky winner and a guest a chance to win a vacation to discover what keeps New York City sizzling. Watch Wolf's Grilling Confidential video series, and you could win!

The prize package includes:
• A "Grilling Getaway" weekend for two to New York City
• A special dinner at the Standard Grill, chef Dan Silverman's American Bistro in the Standard Hotel
• A brand-new Wolf grill for your home, installation included

Sweeps Qs (answers in bold):
a. What's the best way to cook asparagus on the grill?
i. Away from the heat source, or over low heat, to avoid burning
ii. Over the Sear zone, ensuring that char flavor on outside, without overcooking on the inside
iii. With a closed lid, roasting-style

b. When grilling meat, what percentage of seasoning is lost when cooking on high heat grills?
i. 0-5%
ii. 10-20%
iii. 30-45%

c. Brushing meat with oil before putting it on the grill is:
i. Very important, as it keeps the flesh from sticking and the juices locked in
ii. Somewhat important, but most meat contains fat so it will balance out if you forget
iii. Not important, it just adds flavor

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