Recipe Comix: Kiki’s Menudo

"Draw us a recipe." That's the brief we sent to a slew of our favorite comic artists; each week, we're thrilled to present what they sent back. The resulting works of art are fantastic, beautiful, hilarious, thoughtful, informative, and often all of the above — and they prove that a recipe doesn't just have to be words on paper. Check out all the Recipe Comix published so far in the archive »

This week's comic comes from the pen of Marnie Galloway, an illustrator and printmaker who lives in Chicago now, but grew up in Alabama, with summers spent visiting her grandfather in San Antonio, Texas. There, she fell fully in love with his version of menudo, the recipe for which she shares here. Step one, for those already squeamish about tripe and pigs' trotters: "Get over the ick."

Kiki's Menudo

Marnie Galloway is an emerging comic artist, illustrator, and printmaker working in Chicago, Illinois. Her ongoing wordless illustrative book project, "In the Sounds and Seas," recently won the 2012 Xeric Award. You can check out her books and prints at Monkey-Rope Press.

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