“Draw us a recipe.” That’s the brief we sent to a dozen of our favorite comic artists earlier this year; each week this summer, we’re thrilled to present what they sent back. They’re fantastic, beautiful, hilarious, thoughtful, informative, and often all of the above — and they prove that a recipe doesn’t just have to be words on paper. (Check out all the comics published so far in the archive.)

This week: Farley Katz, New Yorker cartoonist and proprietor of the webcomic Kids are Dumb. Here, Farley delivers the roadmap to a perfectly summery seafood boil. As he notes, “the key to this dish is variety. That, and ignoring the parts of this recipe that are lies.”

Farley's Summer Seafood Boil
Farley’s Summer Seafood Boil Farley Katz

Farley Katz is a cartoonist for The New Yorker. He makes the webcomic Kids Are Dumb. His first book Journal of a Schoolyard Bully will be out in September 2011.