This dessert comes from the cookbook The Eating in Bed Cookbook (MacMillian, 1962). It is a voluptuous chocolate pudding, perfect for eating in the privacy of your own bed. Michael Kraus

The clock is winding down, and the time’s ticking away: there are only four more days until Christmas, and you may have worn yourself out this weekend shopping, cooking, and expending your energy. We won’t blame you if you have a case of the Mondays today, so here’s a recommendation for a dessert that is simplicity defined. This chocolate pudding has a funny name (“Thin Edge of the Wedge”), but it’s easy enough to prepare before dinner for a comforting dessert to curl up with before you go to bed. Chocolate, butter, eggs, and gelatin are all you need, and you’ll be set to give yourself a treat after all that holiday shopping. —The Editors