Brunch of the Six Fishes


To celebrate the completion of issue #135 (not to mention the relaunch of Garden Design’s website), SAVEUR senior editor Betsy Andrews threw a brunch at her home yesterday for the staff of both magazines. The meal was centered around what she described as a “big Jewish fish platter,” and was it ever! The table was like something out of appetizing store heaven: two types of lox (organic Irish and wild-caught Alaskan), fillets of smoked sable and salmon, whitefish salad, herring in cream — and for good measure, thin-sliced roast beef, a bowl of chopped liver, and what felt like an endless stream of capers, half-sour pickles, and other brightly acidic counterpoints to the smooth, fatty fish. Could Sunday brunch get any better? —Helen Rosner

Helen Rosner