Get to Know Your BFBA Finalists: Best Single Food Video

We love each and every one of the six finalists in each and every one of the sixteen categories of our Best Food Blog Awards, and we want you to get to know them as well as we do! The picks for Best Single Food Video feature the work of talented directors, videographers, and cooks, each with a beautiful, compelling, visual story to tell about what we eat. From home kitchen recipe how-tos to travelogues spanning nearly a dozen countries, each of these finalists is a captivating example of the extraordinary power of video as a storytelling tool.


Rick Mereki: EAT
Simple, concise, and incredibly appetizing, this video chronicles three friends eating across 11 countries, driving home the message that the joys of food surpass all cultural barriers. Watching it inspires wanderlust — and makes us hungry for a great meal.

Leaf: Avocado, Shrimp & Endive Salad
Perfect music, clear cinematography, concise instructions, and dreamy avocado shots: this video elevates the art of the how-to instructional.

Kitchen Vignettes: Baba Au Rhum
A decadent, boozy dessert, the baba au rhum is a highlight on any table. Though its preparation is complex, this visually lush video breaks down the process, while imbuing the act of baking with emotional resonance.

Tiger In A Jar: Mulled Apple Cider
A dreamy video with clever textual integration, this video recipe for Mulled Apple Cider makes us long for a cold, wintry night in need of warming up.

The Kitchy Kitchen: S'Meaches
The simplest of recipes — a slice of grilled peach paired with a marshmallow and sandwiched between graham crackers — somehow conveys, in under a minute, the very essence of summer, friendship, and sweetness.

The Perennial Plate: Mississippi Hand Grabbing
This episode in Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine's video series takes the duo to Mississippi, where they catch a giant catfish with their bare hands—a fascinating, wildly entertaining ritual.

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