Give Us Bread

||| |-—|-—| |1. The French batard has a thick crusty exterior that lends heft to sandwiches 2. Thin lavash flatbread wraps Turkish kebabs and other sandwiches, and it's also eaten dry, like a cracker. 3. Hearty Finnish ruis (rye) sliced thin, is a base for Nordic-style open-face sandwiches. 4. In China's Shaanxi province, clay oven-baked mo is stuffed with stewed pork or beef, cilantro, and peppers.5. Italian piadina enfolds everything from salumi to Nutella at piadinerie throughout the Romagna region. |6. Focaccia has a similar texture to pizza crust: chewy and fluffy. 7. Orwasher's Bakery in Manhattan makes this miche round, a good, sturdy bread for grilling. 8. Russian black bread, baked with molasses and rye, pairs well with corned beef or egg salad. 9. Dutch crunch from California is smeared in rice flour paste before being baked, to create a textured crust. 10. Dhal puri roti, made with wheat flour and yellow split peas, is a popular West Indian sandwich wrap. |

||| |-—|-—| |11. Punjabi paratha flatbread fried in ghee is a luxurious wrap for vegetarian fillings. 12. This lofty English muffin from Sarabeth's Kitchen in Manhattan makes a fine base for a breakfast sandwich. 13. Soft, white Pullman loaf is the iconic American sandwich bread. 14. Traditionally used in Italian panini, ciabatta has an airy crumb and a pleasant tangy flavor. 15. Many Mexican torta sandwiches come on a pillowy telera roll. |16. Eggy challah is a rich alternative to traditional white bread. 17. A classic Cuban sandwich comes on a torpedo-shaped Cubano roll, pressed and grilled. 18. In Colombia and Venezuela, cornmeal arepas are split and stuffed with cheese and other fillings. 19. The kaiser roll, a deli classic with roots in Austria, was named for its resemblance to the emperor's crown. 20. At Tartine in San Francisco, they use their signature country bread for rustic sandwiches with fillings like soppressata, fontina, and broccoli rabe pesto. |

||| |-—|-—| |21. Choreg is a brioche-like, seed-strewn Armenian Easter bread. 22. A sesame seed bun is a popular choice for roast beef, grilled chicken, and burgers. 23. Irish soda bread has a moist texture that pairs well with cheddar. 24. Malty beer bread from Orwasher's is great with charcuterie. 25. Bombay street vendors fill yeasty pav buns with croquettes, curries, and other ingredients. |26. Sturdier than white bread, sliced Italian loaf pairs well with cold cuts. 27. Pita flatbread wraps falafel, shawarma, and many other Middle Eastern sandwiches. 28. The coarse-ground rye in pumpernickel caramelizes during baking to produce a rich, dark hue. 29. Mantou, a Chinese steamed bun, is delicious split and filled with roast pork. 30. Jamaican patties (pies) often come sandwiched in buttery coco bread, which, despite the name, contains no coconut. |

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