Hand-Chopped Garlic Herb Salt
If your mother or grandmother is still using dried and granulated garlic instead of fresh, make them a batch of this hand-chopped garlic herb salt. It's the perfect gateway to the good stuff and will elevate their cooking immediately. Thanks to Sally Schneider and A Splendid Table for the introduction to this lovely seasoning. Nicole Franzen

During my childhood, my parents had a friend who gave the most incredible holiday treat bags each year. She always included frosted sugar cookies, homemade caramels, chocolate candies and giant bags of deeply roasted Chex Mix. We looked forward to Eleanor’s delivery every year. Since I reached adulthood, I’ve tried to establish a similar tradition of edible gifts for my family and close friends. Though the list changes each year, the recipes that follow are some of my current favorites for holiday giving. —Marisa McClellan, the writer behind the blog Food in Jars

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