Horchata Six Ways

The perfect nonalcoholic summer drink, horchatas are simple to make at home from a variety of easy-to-find ingredients. The original horchata was brought by Spanish colonists to Mexico from Valencia, where they make a drink by the same name with tiger nuts that have been soaked and blended with water and sweetened with sugar. You won't find tiger nuts in Mexico, but you will find horchatas made from many different ingredients, the most common being made from rice and canela, Mexican cinnamon. These six recipes, shared with us by Mexican cookbook author Fany Gerson, are all refreshing and thirst-quenching on a hot day. Try a thick and creamy dessert-like version made from rice and condensed milk, a barely-sweet and incomparably cooling cantaloupe seed variety, a velvety-smooth apricot and rice elixir, and more.

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