Kitchen Tour: Inside the SAVEUR Test Kitchen

By Cory Baldwin

Published on April 10, 2012

Kellie took the doors off the pantry closet for easy-access to condiments, spices, flours, pastas, and other dry storage, all organized in labeled bins. "Our wide open pantry is a great source of pride for me," she says. "The remnants of the strange, unusual ingredients stand as a testament to all the incredible dishes we've gotten to cook here."

Whenever anyone comes into the SAVEUR office, the first thing they want to see — and the part for which they inevitably whip out their cameraphones — is our big, light-filled test kitchen. It not only fills the office with its alluring scents, teasing the edit staff as we sit in our cubicles, but it also imbues the office with the energy and bustle of the activity of cooking. At the head of it all is the kitchen director, Kellie Evans, who oversees recipe testing, makes sure the pantry stays stocked, and rules over the kitchen interns. Nobody knows the space better than she does: "I spend more time here than I do in my apartment," she explains. "So in a way, the test kitchen really is my home kitchen."

The kitchen is meticulously organized, but it's also lovely. "I love to cook in such a beautiful, open space everyday — the wall of windows that let in great natural light; two refrigerators, two ranges, and three ovens; the expansive countertops and storage space filled with top-of-the-line appliances and cookware… it's all to the envy of anyone who visits the test kitchen," says Kellie. Here, she walks us through some of her favorite aspects of the kitchen, from the open pantry filled with exotic spices, to the piled shelves of Le Creuset cookware.

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