Nominations Are Open for the 2011 Best Food Blog Awards

In SAVEUR's ongoing mission to chronicle "a world of authentic cuisine," we find what we're looking for more and more in one place: online. We're thrilled to shine a light on the very best of the best in the second annual SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards — and we need your help. We're taking your nominations for the best blogs, posts, and photographs from April 5 to April 22: we're looking for the smartest, savviest online food content — published between January 1, 2010 and April 5, 2011 — in seventeen categories:

• Best Baking and Desserts Blog: A blog that predominantly deals with the pastry arts: desserts, breads, and other treats.
• Best Original Baking and Desserts Recipe: The very best dessert, bread, or bakery recipe you've seen in the past year.
• Best Cooking Blog: A blog that covers all aspects of cooking, or focuses on savory cooking to the exclusion of pastry/bakery/desserts.
• Best Original Savory Recipe: The very best recipe you've seen in the past year that you wouldn't serve for dessert.
• Best Food Photography: A blog that consistently offers beautiful images.
• Best Food Photo: The single best food photo you've seen on a blog in the past year.
• Best Wine or Beer Blog: A blog that predominantly deals with topics related to wine, beer, and other fermented matters.
• Best Cocktail Blog: A blog that deals predominantly with spirits, mixology, and other bar-related matters.
• Best Culinary Travel Blog: A blog whose love for going to where the good food is makes you want to hop on a plane.
• Best Video Content: A one-off video, series, or vlog that captures something delicious, funny, informative, or all of the above.
• Best Regional Cuisine Blog: A blog dedicated to the foods of a particular place — whether or not the blogger is based there.
• Best Kitchen Tools and Hardware Coverage: A one-off post, series, or overall blog that helps you figure out what to buy.
• Best Culinary Essay: A single post or story that is an unadulterated pleasure to read.
• Best Cook-Through Blog: A blog committed to cooking through a cookbook, chef's repertoire, newspaper section, or another similarly restrictive source.
• Best Special Interest Blog: A blog that speaks to a particular dietary audience: gluten-free, vegan, allergy-sensitive, etc.
• Best Restaurant/Dining Coverage: A blog with a smart, savvy take on the world of restaurants and dining out — news, reviews, gossip, etc.
• Best Professional Blog: A blog written by a culinary pro — a chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, etc.

We'll reveal the finalists April 26, when you can vote for your favorites. **

PLEASE NOTE:** Your nominations will help us find blogs we may not already know about. Multiple nominations for the same site will NOT increase a site's chance of making it to the finalist stage.

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