In SAVEUR’s ongoing mission to chronicle “a world of authentic cuisine,” we find what we’re looking for more and more in one place: online. We’re thrilled to shine a light on the very best of the best in the second annual SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards — and we need your help. We’re taking your nominations for the best blogs, posts, and photographs from April 5 to April 22: we’re looking for the smartest, savviest online food content — published between January 1, 2010 and April 5, 2011 — in seventeen categories:

• Best Baking and Desserts Blog: A blog that predominantly deals with the pastry arts: desserts, breads, and other treats.
• Best Original Baking and Desserts Recipe: The very best dessert, bread, or bakery recipe you’ve seen in the past year.
• Best Cooking Blog: A blog that covers all aspects of cooking, or focuses on savory cooking to the exclusion of pastry/bakery/desserts.
• Best Original Savory Recipe: The very best recipe you’ve seen in the past year that you wouldn’t serve for dessert.
• Best Food Photography: A blog that consistently offers beautiful images.
• Best Food Photo: The single best food photo you’ve seen on a blog in the past year.
• Best Wine or Beer Blog: A blog that predominantly deals with topics related to wine, beer, and other fermented matters.
• Best Cocktail Blog: A blog that deals predominantly with spirits, mixology, and other bar-related matters.
• Best Culinary Travel Blog: A blog whose love for going to where the good food is makes you want to hop on a plane.
• Best Video Content: A one-off video, series, or vlog that captures something delicious, funny, informative, or all of the above.
• Best Regional Cuisine Blog: A blog dedicated to the foods of a particular place — whether or not the blogger is based there.
• Best Kitchen Tools and Hardware Coverage: A one-off post, series, or overall blog that helps you figure out what to buy.
• Best Culinary Essay: A single post or story that is an unadulterated pleasure to read.
• Best Cook-Through Blog: A blog committed to cooking through a cookbook, chef’s repertoire, newspaper section, or another similarly restrictive source.
• Best Special Interest Blog: A blog that speaks to a particular dietary audience: gluten-free, vegan, allergy-sensitive, etc.
• Best Restaurant/Dining Coverage: A blog with a smart, savvy take on the world of restaurants and dining out — news, reviews, gossip, etc.
• Best Professional Blog: A blog written by a culinary pro — a chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, etc.

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We’ll reveal the finalists April 26, when you can vote for your favorites. **

PLEASE NOTE:** Your nominations will help us find blogs we may not already know about. Multiple nominations for the same site will NOT increase a site’s chance of making it to the finalist stage.