Onion Goggles

By Karen Hammonds

Published on January 14, 2010

I used to wear cross-country ski goggles when frying doughnuts to keep the oily smoke out of my eyes. This was a source of much amusement to my friends, but now cooks all over America are doing pretty much the same with RSVP's onion goggles. These padded, wrap-style glasses, available in various fashionable shades, keep your eyes from tearing when you chop onions. Yes, I know, if you use a sharp knife, you'll have less trouble, and refrigerating onions before cutting them helps. So do my contact lenses. But "onion tears" are still a problem for me. One housewares salesperson told me that half the buyers get these as a gag gift, while the other half are dead serious. But I'm with the earnest crowd really; these goggles really worked for me. After plunking down $20 for a pair, though, I wonder if I can also use them for skiing.

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