Sweetwater’s Donut Mill Doughnuts

You haven't had a real doughnut until you've had one from Sweetwater's Donut Mill in Kalamazoo, Michigan. These colorful, gooey pastries are glazed, frosted, covered with sprinkles and shredded coconut, filled with custards and creams and jellies, drizzled with icing, dusted with sugar, and garnished in plenty of other creative ways. The company makes 55 different kinds, from the standard crullers, twists, fritters, and longjohns to over-the-top peanut butter creme-frosted doughnuts with milk chocolate filling. Thankfully, Sweetwater's is open 24 hours a day (they also do mail order), so you never have to let your cravings go unsatisfied. —Rachel Billings, Holland, Michigan

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