Sungold Tomatoes from Paisley Farm

By Cathy Erway

Published on September 8, 2009

From heirlooms to herbs, fingerling potatoes to wild fiddleheads, Mike Kokas and Jan Greer farm with a passion for great food. Paisley Farm, their 25-acre spread in Tivoli, New York, grows specialty produce, which Jan likes to can at peak season. Driven by a desire to provide better access to the fresh and local bounty, they also founded the Upstate Farms network, distributing food from small farms in their area to restaurants and consumers.

It has been a difficult season weather-wise for Northeast farms, but Jan and Mike point to the brighter side: most crops still have further plantings to go, while others (like leafy greens) have benefited from all the rain. Sweet sungold tomatoes are terrific in a simple pasta, or popped into your mouth all by themselves. Unlike heirloom tomatoes, which demand great attention and delicate growing conditions, these tiny bursts of goodness are easy to grow and have a sunny, carefree demeanor.

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