Saveur. Saveur

They may not be hamburgers, exactly, but ground meat dishes of one kind or another are found in every country where people eat meat. Here are some particularly savory examples of the genre:

Fritas The Cuban hamburger, seasoned with paprika and sometimes soy sauce, and usually including bread and onions, served on a bun with shoestring potatoes on the side.

Gogi jun Little patties of garlic-and-soy-flavored ground beef and bean curd, served, with various kimchis, all over Korea.

Kotlety Russian beef and pork patties, rolled in bread crumbs, served with potatoes or kasha (buckwheat groats).

Koubba A specialty of Iraq, consisting of ground lamb or beef (or a combination of the two), egg, and rice or bulgur, seasoned with coriander and formed into patties.

Kyufteta Bulgaria’s patty of ground lamb and beef bound with egg and dampened bread and flavored with cumin and parsley.

Lindstrommin pihvi Swedish beef patties, made with egg and bread crumbs, enhanced with pickled beets and capers, cooked in butter, served with lingonberry preserves.