Wheel and Barrel

Five excellent pairings of Vermont cheeses and beers.

By Karen Shimizu

Published on November 16, 2009

Vermont's long tradition of blue-ribbon cheese making has been matched in recent decades by an effervescent craft- beer-brewing scene. Happily, the state's cow, goat, and sheep cheeses go splendidly with many of its beers. Below, five of our favorite pairings.

Wolaver's certified organic India pale ale with Twig Farm's tomme, an aged raw goats' milk cheese.

Long Trail Double Bag dark amber ale with Bonne Bouche, an aged, ash-ripened, pasteurized goat cheese from Vermont Butter and Cheese Company.

Malty Trout River Scottish ale with Vermont Shepherd raw, aged sheep's milk cheese.

Vermonster American barley wine from Rock Art Brewery, with Grafton Village Cheese Company's clothbound cheddar.

Knockout imperial stout made by McNeill's Brewery with Bayley Hazen Blue, a raw-milk blue cheese from Jasper Hill Farm.

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