Essential Oil Fragrance Diffusers

By Anique Halliday

Published on January 9, 2013

Working in an office with a test kitchen certainly has its perks: The enticing scents of baked goods and savory dishes waft through the office every hour of the day. But as the kitchen staff will often be testing something as sweet as apple pie while simultaneously cooking up, say, a fish-sauce heavy Thai dish, sometimes the combination of aromas can be less than appealing—and downright distracting—when you're trying to focus on work (it's a tough life we food writers live!). That's why I've really come to appreciate these reed diffusers by Williams Sonoma: Placed on my desk, they help muffle the smells coming from the test kitchen, and their simple, understated look blends well with our office decor.

Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Fragrance Diffuser, $24.95 at

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