The SAVEUR 100 Quiz

The 2008 SAVEUR 100 is the tenth annual edition of our kaleidoscopic "best of" list, and over the years, we've found reason to celebrate everything from peanut butter to buffalo wontons and everyone from James Beard to Danny Meyer. Have you been keeping up? Take our SAVEUR 100 quiz to find out.

1. Which chain store has never appeared in a SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Costco

 b.     Trader Joe's

 c.     Target

 d.     Sam's Club

2. Which London restaurant, featured in the 1999 SAVEUR 100, is named after the Michelin man, the mascot of the Michelin guides?

 a.     Hawksmoor

 b.     Galvin

 c.     Momo

 d.     Bibendum

3. What chef now oversees the kitchen at Le Carre des Feuillants, a 2003 SAVEUR 100 pick?

 a.     Alain Ducasse

 b.     Alain Sailhac

 c.     Alain Dutournier 

 d.     Alain Senderens

4. Which sought-after wine was listed in the SAVEUR 100 back in 2002?

 a.     Sangiovese

 b.     Sancerre

 c.     Cotes-du-Rhone

 d.     Zinfandel

5. The Crumpet Shop, a 2001 SAVEUR 100 pick, is located in what city?

 a.     Bristol, England

 b.     Southampton, New York

 c.     Seattle, Washington

 d.     Boston, Massachusetts

6. What native Canadian dish was included in the 2007 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Poutine

 b.     Maple pie

 c.     Tourtiere

 d.     Moose stew

7. Who wrote the kitchen manual How to Cook Everything**, which was listed in 1999's SAVEUR 100?**

 a.     Mark Bittman

 b.     Barbara Kafka

 c.     Deborah Madison

 d.     Delia Smith

8. Which charitable organization that focuses on combating hunger appeared in the 2003 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Food Research and Action Center

 b.     Share Our Strength

 c.     Action Against Hunger USA

 d.     America's Second Harvest


9. Which of these classic American supermarket brands appeared in the 2001 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Smucker's 

 b.     Bisquick

 c.     Duncan Hines

 d.     All of the above

10. Which of these traditional breakfasts was not featured in the 2004 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     New York breakfast (bagels and lox)

 b.     Egyptian breakfast (stewed fava beans and pita)

 c.     Irish breakfast (black pudding and brown bread)

 d.     Japanese breakfast (rice and grilled fish)

11. What is laksa (mentioned in the 2005 SAVEUR 100)?

 a.     An African citrus fruit 

 b.     An American Indian squash

 c.     Swiss almond cookies

 d.     A Southeast Asian noodle soup

12. Which famous cookbook author appeared in the 2005 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Julia Child

 b.     Irma Rombauer

 c.     Patricia Wells

 d.     Ina Garten

13****. What country is home to the restaurant Gundel and its specialty rich man's purses, a chicken and crepe dish that was featured in the 2006 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Lithuania

 b.     Hungary

 c.     Germany

 d.     Poland

14. What food-centric museum was listed in the 2006 SAVEUR 100?

 a.     The Culinary Archives at Johnston & Wales University

 b.     The Burnt Food Museum

 c.     The Original Condiment Packaging Museum

15. Which of these renowned French chefs has never made the SAVEUR 100?

 a.     Jacques Pepin

 b.     Alain Ducasse

 c.     Joel Robuchon

 d.     Jean-Louis Palladin

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Answer key:

  1. (d) Sam's Club

  2. (d) Bibendum

  3. (c) Alain Dutournier

  4. (b) Sancerre

  5. (c) Seattle, Washington

  6. (a) Poutine

  7. (a) Mark Bittman

  8. (b) Share Our Strength

  9. (d) All of the above

  10. (b) Egyptian breakfast

  11. (d) A Southeast Asian noodle soup

  12. (a) Julia Child

  13. (b) Hungary

  14. (c) The Original Condiment Packaging Museum

  15. (b) Alain Ducasse


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