Raul Zelaya

Blog Name: Death to Sour Mix

Category: Cocktail Blog, Editors’ Choice

Running Since: I started the blog back in October 2012 in a very loose format (if there was such a thing) but re-launched the current version with a new look and a more structured program about a year ago.

Geographic Location: Based out of the lovely, many times freezing but always entertaining, Boston, MA.

When and how did you become interested in cocktails? I went from a sea of Bud Light to getting really into sangria (which is basically a huge infused cocktail). That got me interested in playing around with different (cheap) spirits & cordials. Around the same time, a friend gifted me this rad Beefeater traveling cocktail kit and my arms haven’t stopped shaking since.

What are your favorite posts? I recently wrote a piece on The Baldwin bar which I really enjoyed, from shooting, editing, and writing to hanging out with the bartenders on location. Any post in which I learn something new, or for which I get to produce a lot of content and give myself enough time to edit, is a favorite.

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What is your process for developing a post? You know those Rube Goldberg machines where a fantastic series of actions produces something incredibly simple? That’s how it feels. It starts with a simple idea—that I then complicate with typography once I settle on the drink name—followed by a random photo shoot in pajamas, and then I write everything in one sitting, the very last part of the process.

What do you draw inspiration from? I’m inspired to come up with cocktail flavor pairings by the food I encounter while traveling, as well as more subtle things such as a mood I’m feeling on a lazy Sunday. Patterns and colors in fabric tend to inspire the art direction of a cocktail shoot, and drink names (sometimes drink concepts) come from music. Mainly Miley Cyrus. Being around creative people inspires me as a whole.

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