Mixstrology: Leo

By Patricia Clark Hippolyte

Published on July 23, 2013

Welcome to Mixstrology, SAVEUR's monthly series where astrologer/bartender Patricia Clark Hippolyte provides a cocktail prescription for each sign of the zodiac. This month: Leo.


The Kentucky Devil
The Kentucky Devil

Sweet watermelon juice tempers spicy adobo sauce and tart lemon juice in a bright, summery bourbon cocktail. Get the recipe for The Kentucky Devil »

Credit: Laura Sant

](, it's summertime, and the sun shines on you. What comes to mind are hot (like you), carefree days full of fun on the beach and at barbecues with your audience—I mean, friends—enjoying all that the warmest and most playful time of the year has to offer. I'm not going to get all dramatic with this cocktail; we'll leave that to you after you've had a few. But the smooth, fiery libation is sure to please Your Highness: It's bold and red like the heart, the body part ruled by you. No fruit roars of summer more than refreshing watermelon, and the chipotle pepper reminds us all of just how warm and spicy you can be. Lastly, optional gold flakes adorn the on top like a lion's golden mane; gratuitous, yes, but a queen needs her crown.

As for the rest of the zodiac, you can have a Kentucky Devil of your very own, with these sign-appropriate variations:


Aries, with the Sun and Jupiter offering you a long deserved, sunny reprieve from troubles, it's time to let your impulses run free. The color of this drink suits the rebel in you; swap out the bourbon for an ice-cold ale, making a spicy shandy you can drink throughout your long days of chasing future conquests.


Taurus, it's mind-bending how indulgent you can be. The person that came up with the saying "the one with the most toys wins" must have been a Taurus, so barrel-age this cocktail and drink it straight out of the spigot in front of your 56-inch flat screen.


Gemini, not only does a Leo sun give you extra energy, but Venus and Uranus are adding excitement and indulgence right now. Since you're all ablaze with these transits, all you need this month is an ice-cold bottle of water.


Cancer, Jupiter's conjunction of your Sun allows you to be enthusiastic as well as optimistic at this time, so let's take advantage of this light and happy transit and swap the chipotle and watermelon for mint and cucumber for a repurposed julep. The tough skin of the cucumber and its tender, watery insides mimic a crab's own constitution.


Virgo, Pluto is giving you strength and assuredness now, so I think you'll enjoy the little kick from this drink. Just strain the ingredients for a super-clean cocktail, and serve it just so: In a chilled martini glass with a perfectly thin sliver of fresh watermelon, and only a light dusting of sugar.


Libra, big changes plus extreme restlessness equal the right time to kick off your shoes, throw on your best pastel polo wear, and enjoy. Discard the chipotle and add mint and crushed ice and enjoy a bourbon-y riff on an agua fresca.


Scorpio, with three planets playing nicely in the sandbox with your sun, making thoughts and feelings work well together, this is the moment to reflect on hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your poison? Same drink, different sugar: brown sugar, for more flavor and intensity.


Sagittarius, good luck abounds now, so see things clearly and then take full advantage of it. I'll give you something you'll keep talking about: Nix the watermelon and chipotle and add strawberries and basil...bull's-eye!


Capricorn, sudden changes challenge your traditional spirit, but no one knows more than you that with enough hard work and determination, things come out smelling like roses. No muddling for you this month. Sit down, relax, and sip a nice, neat, aged single malt...aahhhhh.


Aquarius, you're feeling more energetic than usual, while things around you are moving at a snail's pace. How frustrating! But don't make rash decisions now, because you will probably have to go back and revise. Pare your potion down to champagne and watermelon, and keep light on your feet.


Pisces, swimming through the escapist pool of life sure has its benefits, but someone's got to reel it in and pay the rent. Saturn in Scorpio will give needed structure to any project, so dream big. For the two fish in you, mix one Devil with bourbon, and the next with smoky mezcal.

Patricia Clark Hippolyte is a New York-based astrologer and bartender.

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