Weekend Reading: Modern Art Desserts, Citrus Greening, Restaurant Mishaps and More

• Ever since a copy of Caitlin Freeman's Modern Art Desserts landed on executive digital editor Helen Rosner's desk, I've been tempted to steal it for myself, so I was delighted to land on this slideshow of her other creations--Rothko toast [pictured], Judd tomato soup, and Albers cheese and crackers—plus a video of her making the Mondrian cake that graces the cover. —Laura Sant

• The Paris Review has this food-filled interview with director Alexa Karolinksi, director of the super-wonderful Oma & Bella, a documentary about her grandmother and her grandmother's best friend, both Holocaust survivors who stayed in Berlin after the war, and whose cooking—their main activity—is a means of remembrance for a lost way of life, and a delicious beacon of hope for the future. The film begat a bilingual, charmingly illustrated cookbook that I can't wait to try. —Betsy Andrews

• I was delighted to find my colleague Gabriella Gershenson's article about current food trends on First We Feast: foraging is out, hunting is in. Forget about kale, howzabout florabunda? It's meticulously researched and has restaurant addresses to boot. I've half a mind to get a plane ticket to San Francisco to try some cod sperm (new trend: offal of the sea) at Chris Cosentino's Incanto. Or maybe I'll ease my way in with some monkfish liver. —Sophie Brickman

• Though oranges are my least likely pick at the grocery store, that doesn't mean I want them to disappear forever. A New Yorker article this week opened my eyes to the phenomenon threatening citrus crops known as "citrus greening." Carried by Asian citrus psyllids, the "green death" spreads so fast and wreaks so much havoc that it's classified as a bioterror tool—and is so far incurable. Orange you worried now? I am. —Anna Perling

• And so, this also exists: a video on how to scramble eggs in their shells. —Karen Shimizu

• These hilarious chefs' stories of restaurant mishaps in The New York Times take me back to my days as a waitress and bartender. As anyone who has worked in it knows, the restaurant world is a zany one. —Betsy Andrews

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