by C.E Putnam

A dozen red ducks arrived
in time for the spring moon festival.

Dangling by cords in the LO FUN
window, they perspire sweet and sour.

Last time, a fortune read:
Call to the wind. You are inside us.

I am an unbeliever living among
long noodles, or dropped into

turtled snow peas, I am lost
with flounders in plum sauce.

Sometimes fish heads will say:
you will get whatever you want in 5 minutes.

I cannot make Peking Duck
on my own. I have less than 48

hours to live.

C.E Putnam is a poet and artist based in Singapore. He is the author of six books, including The Papier Mache Taj Mahal (1997), and Things Keep Happening_ (2004). He operates the_ Putnam Institute for Space Opera Research (P.I.S.O.R.)_._