Mixstrology: Pisces

Welcome to Mixstrology, SAVEUR's monthly series where astrologer/bartender Patricia Clark Hippolyte provides a cocktail prescription for each sign of the zodiac. This month: Pisces.

Imaginative, empathetic, intuitive, sensitive, and the perfect precursor for my cocktail, escapist: Ruled by Neptune, Pisces you see what you want to see. Dreamy illusions and confusions are the norm—rose colored glasses, if you will. Sweet manipulation is often what you get with these sometimes slippery characters. Events in their lives are often recurrent; think Liz Taylor, Dr. Seuss, Einstein, and Liza Minnelli—17 marriages between the four. My original Pisces cocktail idea, as you can be sometimes hard to motivate, was just a case of your favorite booze. Yes, I said a case. And then I'd submit absolutely nothing for the other signs. However, the humor could be lost on some and you'd probably forever think of me as just another dallying Pisces. So instead I drew inspiration from a friend who served amazing grapes—pickled, sweet, tangy, subtle, and delicious—at a party, and wound up with the Pekel, a simple mix of pickle juice, vodka, and pickled grapes. The drink's slightly murky appearance will subtly remind you of the waters you're all too familiar navigating, Pisces.

The Pekel
The Pekel

Pickle brine replaces the olive juice in this twist on a dirty martini.

As for the rest of the zodiac, try these sign-appropriate variations:


With an indulgent planet and an unpredictable one making waves in your life I hope you're at the gym or pounding on a speed bag. Finding active outlets is the most productive way to handle this transit, and the best way to handle this tasty libation is with a spicy twist: add a few pepper flakes to your pickling juice.


Old habits die hard, don’t ya think? Let go of things you’ve been holding onto for too long and start streamlining and reconstructing your life. Familiar, food-like, filling, and not a lot of fuss, I know how you like it, Taurus. For you, vodka, pickling juice, and beer.


All your hard work in 2013, with help from Jupiter, should start bearing fruit in the next few, add some club soda and a little more pickling juice for extra sweetness; makes for the most interesting and flavor-packed vodka soda you're ever going to put to your chatty lips.


Thanks to Jupiter, you’re expanding and so is your confidence—what more can you ask for? Ok, maybe some Leo in your chart, but this transit will give you similar effects; you’ll get a taste of what it's like being a Sag: happy, optimistic, expansive, and self-assured. Skip the grapes and opt for pickled watermelon and cucumber.


Restrictive transits remove all other opportunities, allowing you to focus on a pressing task; OR you can ignore the obvious and slink into escapist Leo tendencies like booze, sex, drugs, etc. However, there will be plenty of time for that when Jupiter lounges on your sun from July 2014–Aug 2015! Add some extra spice by pickling sliced ginger along with the grapes.


Clarity is key. Neptune opposing your sun will definitely add confusion to your daily routine. It's not you, per se, but how others interpret you. Swap out gin for vodka. Swap out gin for vodka. See? Clarity.


Anxious much? Uranus is keeping your heart vigorous, to say the least. Stay active, exercise, and turn that nervous energy into fuel for your carcass. Sounds easy but these feelings can be overwhelming. Don’t overthink it; this too shall pass. Try warm cider mulled with the pickling juice and a spot of brandy.


Born contained, a Saturn transit limits your every move and Jupiter playfully chastises you to indulge in your hidden, perverted Scorpio proclivities. Forget him, it’s time to finish that autobiography you’ll never publish or your manifesto for world domination. Balance red wine, pickling juice, and a splash of club soda, sangria-style.


If you’re a Sag you’re one of the few signs thats not taking some sort of proverbial beating from Pluto and Uranus (yeah, you can wipe your brow now). Early March will bring a nice moment with Venus; take advantage as it only lasts a day or two, and be careful not to overdo it. Go for a take on the popular pickleback: a shot of whiskey with a companion shot of grape pickling juice.


You’ve got a silly, convivial, drooling, black lab of a planet encouraging sloth and allowance staring right at you. I can see the look of disgust on your face like something smells bad and who could blame you, with all the changes you’ve been through now is hardly the time to give into childish notions that promise but don’t deliver. Keep close to the original and just add a dash of celery bitters—oftentimes one must take the salty with the sweet.


Things are a bit tight for you now and come July the opposite will happen. Take advantage of the present, saving and streamlining, because once summertime comes so will the urge to spend. Clearly, balance and control is key. White wine, pickling juice, and a splash of ginger beer instead of soda—sangria elevated.

Patricia Clark Hippolyte is a New York-based astrologer and bartender.

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