Weekend Reading: Printable Snacks, the Disneyland of Italian Food, and More

What we’re eating, cooking and clicking this week

Italian food emporium Eataly is partnering with the city of Bologna to open up what they're calling the "Disneyland of food." Investors are hoping the theme park—slated to be opened in 2015—will help Italy's flagging economy. While there isn't any word on what kind of rides you'll find at the park, I can only hope for a spaghetti-themed roller coaster with all the twists and turns of the iconic Italian dish. —Marshall Bright

America has fallen out of love with orange juice. Despite an explanation offered by Quartz, I am shocked and disappointed in equal measure. —Zainab Shah

The Obama Administration hopes big changes will be coming to nutrition labels. Some of the proposed changes? Serving sizes will be a bit more realistic (who only eats a half cup of ice cream? Not this gal) and the calorie count will be larger. You've got 90 days to leave your opinion with the FDA, so take a look and let them know what you think. —Farideh Sadeghin

I laughed in recognition when I read this article on coffee by Corby Kummer. Expressing his frustration with the elaborate pour-over brewing technique currently in vogue, Kummer writes: "the experience seems calibrated to produce maximal annoyance." Happily, for those of us who want a good cuppa—but also want it now, not ten minutes hence—Kummer recommends a few low-tech, unfussy alternatives for making great coffee at home. —Karen Shimizu

If you've been keeping up on science news in the past few years, you've probably been fascinated by the projected capabilities of 3D printers to replicate anything from knockoff name brand sneakers to human stem cell-produced body part replacements. So it should be no surprise that food pioneers, including Cornell University and Hershey, have begun implementing these technological wonders to create snack foods. Is the Star Trek Enterprise's meal replicator far off? —Judy Haubert

Japanese waiters dressed as cats, serving patrons dishes inspired by the canned cat food Mon Petit. So many kinds of wrong, I just don't know where to begin. —Felicia Campbell

With nearly half of all U.S. fruits, vegetables, and nuts coming from California, the Golden State's drought affects broccoli fiends and almond lovers alike. Mother Jones explains just how thirsty your favorite foods really are. —Laura Losech-Quintin

I've been wanting to throw a 90s-themed dinner party for months now, so every now and then I'll poll people: what dishes do you think most embody the 90s? Popular choices have included: salads with goat cheese and Craisins; anything with balsamic vinaigrette; Asian fusion; and chocolate lava cake with raspberry sauce. So I was half-thrilled, half-envious when I saw The Kitchn had compiled a list of recipes that defined the 90s. I'll be cribbing heavily from it while planning my menu (skipping, perhaps, the Dunkaroos). —Laura Sant

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