Weekend Reading: Photographing Dinnertime and The Future of Coca Cola Cans

What we’re reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

I was really taken by these two projects by photographer Miho Aikawa, who documented people eating dinner in New York City and Tokyo. The settings range widely—in one shot, a movie producer sits at his habitual table at a diner in midtown Manhattan; in another, a Japanese hair stylist eats a bento box in the company of a coworker. Taken all together, I found them fascinating, but also disquieting: do so few people eat together, or without watching a screen these days? [Fast Company, Miho Aikawa Photography] —Karen Shimizu, senior editor, @karemizu

London-based designer Ryan Harc may just save the planet with his new colorless Coca-Cola can. Forgoing the painted, signature red and white swoosh, this futuristic can boasts a toxic-free stamped convex logo making it safer to produce and recycle. [PSFK] —Kellie Evans, associate food editor

National Geographic has this phenomenal multimedia story from Saveur contributor Tracie McMillan on hunger in America today. One mind-blowing 2012 statistic: The number of people without enough nutritious food to eat in the U.S. has jumped 57 percent since the late 1990s to include 48 million of us. One culprit? Declining pay checks; It gets harder and harder to earn a living wage in many parts of the country, including agricultural areas where subsidized mono-crops—corn and soybeans—are grown. [National Geographic] —Betsy Andrews, executive editor, @betsyandrews

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