Weekend Reading: Cookie Science, A $54,000 Oven, and More

What we’re reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

We can all go home now—NPR reports on how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies of every type, from crisp-edged and chewy-centered to straight up ooey-gooey. Thanks, science. [The Salt] —Zoe Schaeffer, assistant digital editor, @zschaef

If Costco gets in on it, it must be a zeitgeist, right? The big-box store just announced that it is switching to sustainable canned skipjack tuna, and it will be very affordable for consumers. It's just more reason for tuna lovers to go sustainable, with delicious, ocean-friendly, pole-caught fish from artisan Oregon producers, and (my favorite) the Spanish brand, Ortiz, whose canned tuna belly is superlative. Green PeaceBetsy Andrews, acting editor-in-chief, @betsyandrews

Is a $54,000 La Cornue oven worth the price, or does the $17,000 Majestic offer more bang for your buck? Which is better, a $30,000 knife hand-forged by Bob Kramer, or the $400 Bob Kramer by Zwilling J.A. Henckels alternative? Does California wagyu-style beef measure up to the real deal from Japan? In the Wall Street Journal, Josh Ozersky weighs in on which culinary cult objects are worth their price tag—and where it's worth exploring more affordable, but equally outstanding, alternatives. [Wall Street Journal] —Karen Shimizu, senior editor, @karemizu

A Mexican woman, who's about to become the oldest person in the world at 127 years old, claims chocolate is part of the reason she's lived so long. Sometimes I think I eat too much chocolate, but then I read things like this and realize that I should probably never stop. MirrorFarideh Sadeghin, test kitchen director, @sadeghin

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