Weekend Reading: Pizza Cake, German Craft Beer, Trash Fish, and More

What we’re reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

So, a piece of magnificence has been making its way around the web of late: Pizza cake. Pillsbury did a genius version. What I like about it is the technique; they've figured out a way to not make a pile of mush by pre-baking the dough for each layer. Nice that some food that is so funny-silly is also so smart. PillsburyBetsy Andrews, executive editor @betsyandrews

Tamar Adler's first article for New York Magazine—on the finer points of dining alone, including excellent, practical suggestions for elegant meals—is brilliant. I appreciate the reminder to pay as much attention to a solitary meal as one enjoyed in company, and, as always, Adler's prose is a joy to read. New York Times —Zoe Schaeffer, assistant digital editor, @zschaef

Believe it or not, beer consumption in Germany is on the decline. As a result, beer makers in Germany are turning to American craft brewers for help. Why is such a beer-loving country so slow to the craft movement? Germany's Purity Law—which states that brewers must use malted barley, hops, water, and yeast in order to call their product beer—has limited creativity. Bloomberg —Farideh Sadeghin, test kitchen director @sadeghin

If you love vegetables, chances are you are predisposed to liking bitter foods—so says a study conducted by food scientist John Hayes and researcher Valerie Duffy. The duo set out to test the connection between the perception of bitterness and consumption of vegetables. As it turns out, individuals who like bitter foods eat 200 more servings of vegetables a year than those who are sensitive to bitter foods! The Salt—Laura Loesch-Quintin, assistant editor

For a quick lunch, grabbing last night's pizza is always a good option, if not a little boring. Food 52 shares tastier ways to reheat a slice than microwaving or baking: Anthony Falco, the man behind Roberta's in Brooklyn, illustrates a fantastic how-to guide for putting your slice on the skillet. Check out Anthony's technique, as well as other experts', for the perfect day-old pie._ Food52__—Michelle Heimerman, photo editor_

Along the Gulf Coast of the United States, southern chefs are shifting their focus from standard fish like catfish, snapper, and grouper, to more curious creations, including pan-fried southern stingray, fried jolthead porgy, even lionfish sandwiches. Usually considered by-catch, or more upsettingly, "trash fish," these seldom-used species are both sustainable and unexpectedly delicious. Garden & Gun—Keith Pandolfi, senior editor @keithpandolfi

British actress Emma Thompson is a woman after my own heart: She's voyaging to the Arctic with Greenpeace to bring awareness to the endangerment of that precious part of the world. While on ship, she's cooking, and from the looks of her preparation of an eggplant involtini, it appears that she knows her way around the kitchen. [Yahoo News] —Betsy Andrews, executive editor @betsyandrews

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