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Change the way you cook and entertain with these designer upgrades. These items first appeared in our 2015 SAVEUR 100.

Photo credits: Andre Baranowski; Ingalls Photography

49 Treat Your Leftovers Right

Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen’s ceramic bowls with fitted wood lids do double duty as serving vessels and storage containers. The sturdy matte pottery bases come in an assortment of muted colors and sizes, each topped with a lid of polished walnut or oak that can also be used as a platter. (VVD Pottery, $230–395;

50 Serve With Style

Detroit jewelry metalsmiths Adam Whitney, Gabriel Craig, and Amy Weiks recently expanded to refined kitchenware at their store, Smith Shop ($200–398; Their beautiful hand-forged and hand-riveted steel and copper pieces make a statement.

51 Dress Up Cocktail Hour

Based on the surrealist parlor game cadavre exquis, Christian Lacroix’s “Love Who You Want” porcelain coasters ($95 for a set of four; feature segments of colorful characters that can be mixed and matched.

52 Upgrade the Old Cast-Iron

With a quick-cooling spring handle, even heat distribution, and multiple pouring points, Finex’s octagonal cast-iron pans ($125–195; have won praise from the likes of acclaimed Chicago chef Paul Kahan.

53 Buy Better Wine Glasses

“Zalto are definitively the best wine glasses on the market. They’re like megaphones, highlighting any flaws in the wine and accentuating positive characteristics. Impossibly thin, they feel like there’s nothing between you and the wine.” ($59; —Robert Bohr, sommelier and partner, Charlie Bird, NYC

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