Lunch Boxes for Adults

A new breed of designer lunchboxes is here to carry your precious cargo

stainless steel lunchbox

Black Blum

Outfitted with a magnetic spoon, this stainless steel vacuum flask keeps food hot for 6 hours. ($42; Photography
lunchbox, silicon lunch box


Roll this sealable silicone sack into a compact cylinder for easy storage between lunches. ($13; Photography
lunchboxes, waxed canvas lunchbox


A hand-tooled leather belt cinches this handsome lunch bag shut. ($48; Photography
lunchbox, adult lunchboxes, bon appetit lunchbox

The lock-on lid for this modern bento box includes a well for dressings, and a thin fork doubles as a knife. ($22; Photography
lunchboxes, adult lunchbox, designer lunchboxes

This washing machine-safe microfiber bag features an insulated lining to keep its contents cool. ($25; Photography
Lunch boxes for adults, Pack up sandwich box

Black Blum

The bamboo top for this colorful aluminum vessel doubles as a cutting board. ($28; Photography