SAVEUR Selects: April 2015

We come across all sorts of great products in the SAVEUR office, check out our favorites for April

We come across all sorts of great products in the SAVEUR office. Check out our favorites for April: tumblers to take you from night to day, a bottle opener you'll want to wear around your neck, spring's most essential cookbook, and more selected by associate digital editor Marian Bull.

SAVEUR Selects April 2015
SAVEUR Selects April 2015

Better Hardware

How cool would it be to have a bottle opener that could also double as a necklace if you strung it onto a gold chain?! Bonus points if you use it to crack open a High Life.
Brass Bottle Opener, $60 at

The Best Part of Waking Up is a Technicolor Boulder Mug

I like this mug because it sort of looks like you've been drinking out of it all week while wearing a variety of oddly colored lipsticks.
Boulder Mug, $18 at

In the (Urban) Jungle

Some days I dream that my bedroom is like a jungle with lots of really cuckoo art on the walls. I think the first step to that first part is having lots of hanging planters, like this one, and not killing my succulents.
Hanging Planter, $48 at

A Very Leggy Dinner

Partner Product: America's leading chefs rely on Gullo Specialty Foods to provide the finest octopus. Now you can order online to get the same superior quality products delivered to your home.
Gullo Specialty Foods Tenderized Octopus, detailed pricing by the pound available at

All-Purpose Tumblers dot Tumblr dot Com

I have decided that the time has come, in this life, for me to have matching glassware. These are smooth and affordable and suit both a negroni at night and a glass of juice in the morning.
Duralex Gignone Tumblers, set of 6 for $22 at

One Book To Rule Them All

This book is basically Fleetwood Mac's Rumors for the home cook: It's all you need, really, and full of greatest-hit recipes from people like Dorie Greenspan, Marcella Hazan, and Nigella Lawson, plus beautiful photos and smart, elegant writing.
Genius Recipes, signed copy by Kristen Miglore for $35 at

A Board Above the Rest

The biggest messes I make in the kitchen happen at the edges of crappy cutting boards; these are sturdy enough to feel like a work surface and big enough to contain my mise en place and my wreckage, too.
Reversible 24 x 18 x 1½-inch Boos Block in Walnut, $179.95 at

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