An Italian expat living in Australia, Daniele Barresi is making a name for himself in the the niche art of food-carving. He turns everyday foods—watermelons, paw paws, pumpkins—into a range of intricately carved designs from leafy cheese to rose-petaled sweet potatoes, and is captivating both art and food lovers around the world.

According to his website, Barresi was born and raised in a small Italian town and spent most of his time exploring the surrounding areas gathering inspiration for his carvings. He now lives in Sydney where he sells objects made from whittled soap, melons, and more. He also holds carving classes, where students can learn technique and earn the opportunity to be featured on his site. Barresi uses knives, pens, peel zesters, mellon ballers, and garnish tools to achieve his spectacular designs and patterns. So mesmerizing are his ribbon-like curves and etchings that it’s easy to forget you’re staring at an ephemeral avocado or radish and not a permanent piece of sculpture.

While it’s unclear whether a meticulously-carved fruit platter will survive international shipping, it’s certain that if you’re dropping through Sidney, and you happen to like intense, complex craft projects, you should give Barresi a shout.

carved pear
Carved pear Daniele Barresi
Carved Watermelon
Carved watermelon Daniele Baressi
Carved Sweet Potato
Carved sweet potato Daniele Baressi
Carved Melon
Carved melon Daniele Baressi

h/t My Modern Met