Anyone who’s ever been to a food festival knows: it’s an exercise in endurance in terms of both eating and drinking. Such was the case at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival this past weekend, where I, along with SAVEUR Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs and staff photographer Matt Taylor-Gross, got our share of local culture, cuisine, and booze.

By day three, we all had hangovers that needed curing, and after a recommendation from some locals, headed over the Darling Oyster Bar, a neighborhood charmer serving up freshly-caught oysters and clams washed down with grade-A cocktails. The sleeper hit of the menu, however, was the clam chowder. Yes, clam chowder, which was offered in a game-changing “served over house fries” option.

The chowder, a more or less traditional recipe with thinly-sliced clams, bacon, fennel, and chives, is poured tableside onto a heaping pile of house fries flecked with feta cheese. The melty, gooey result was just what we needed to power through the dinners we had that night. Feast your eyes on the magic of clam chowder fries, the seafood poutine that will change your life.

The oysters are also delicious. Matt Taylor-Gross
Clam chowder poutine
Come to papa.