Kitchen Design Without Borders

Your ultimate guide to kitchen redesign, with inspiration from Argentina, England, France, Indonesia, and Sweden

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design Without BordersYvan Moreau

For a fresh perspective on kitchen design, we decided to go global. Around the world, the kitchens that got us most excited were those that expressed a sense of place. The standout looks included a stunning modern farmhouse in rural England, an Argentine mountain lodge with pared-down utilitarian style, and a Balinese hideaway that nods to Dutch colonial architecture.

From an antique chest that doubles as a kitchen island to an inexpensive backsplash fashioned from galvanized steel, these kitchens feature a wealth of clever ideas worth emulating. In each of the slideshows below, we provide the tips and products you'll need to recreate these distinctive looks in your own kitchen.

Produced by Hilary Robertson

Indonesian home interiors

Indonesian Simplicity

Painted doors, a teak table set, and a muted color palette of browns and blues come together in this Bali-inspired kitchen. View the gallery: Indonesian SimplicityJean-Marc Wullschleger/ Living Agency
Swedish kitchen design

Swedish Bohemian Modern

An antique chest serving as a kitchen island, a pretty vintage mirror, and a lounge chair add living-room coziness to a space. View the gallery: Swedish Bohemian ModernSara Svenningrud
British Farmhouse Contemporary Interior design

British Farmhouse Contemporary

A reclaimed-wood refectory table serves as the centerpiece in this black- and white-accented kitchen. View the gallery: British Farmhouse ContemporaryDamian Russell
Argentine Mountain Rustic home interiors

Argentine Mountain Rustic

This rustic Argentine kitchen is complete with galvanized metal, hanging cookware, and vintage wooden furniture. View the gallery: Argentine Mountain RusticNathalie Krag/ Taverne Agency, Producer: Tami Christiansen
French Industrial Minimalism Home Interior

French Industrial Minimalism

Lacanche ranges have been hand-forged in Burgundy since 1796, but the venerable brand's ovens fit in perfectly with an ultra modern kitchen. View the gallery: French Industrial MinimalismYvan Moreau
home kitchen

5 Essential Tips for Designing Your Kitchen

View the gallery: 5 Essential Tips for Designing Your KitchenNoah Fecks