Holiday Gift Guide: Tabletop & Serveware

Trick out the home of someone you love with our picks for plates, tumblers, glasses, decanters, and other objects that give a kitchen a special touch. See the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for more gift ideas »

"These wooden tumblers made from Japanese Cherry Birch are super-light and really fun to drink out of. Their size and weight make them perfect for my kids, but they're nice enough to impress adults as well. Plus their stack-ability makes them ideal for storage in our Brooklyn kitchen." --Andrew Ingalls, contributing photographer Kiki Wooden Stacking Cup, $34.95 for medium-sized cup from Snow Peak
"These enamel berry baskets are really pretty, not to mention practical. You can clean, store, and serve berries in them—or any other kind of fruit, really—and I love how they brighten my kitchen counter." --Camille Rankin, managing editor 3-Pack Berry Baskets, $10.99 from Crisp
"These Heath dishes have been made in Sausalito for the past 50 years or so; I grew up in Northern California and remember them from eating over at my friends' houses as a kid. They're beautiful, but also very sturdy and durable. I think their heirloom quality will last to be passed on to my kids, and they're nice enough that you'd want to." --Andrew Ingalls, contributing photographer Camellia Opaque White Place Setting, $220.50 for 5-piece set from Heath Ceramics
"Japanese designer Masanori Oji and Futagami, a century-old metalware company in Toyama, collaborated to produce these elegant brass trivets in shapes that evoke the sun, moon, and galaxy." --Karen Shimizu Japanese Brass Moon Trivet, $98 from Poketo
"Getting enough rest and staying hydrated are really important to me. With two small kids, I know I'll never achieve the former, so I focus on getting as much enjoyment as possible from the latter with this beautifully designed set from nord COPENHAGEN. The carafe is my go-to server for carbonated water, since I don't like putting that plastic bottle from our soda stream on the table. And it's just the right size that if I finish the whole pitcher, I know I've met my daily quota for hydration." --Andrew Ingalls, contributing photographer nord COPENHAGEN Glass Pitcher, $76 from Heath Ceramics
"There is nothing more beautiful than pouring a thin stream of golden olive oil from the long neck of an oil can. This one from Flotsam + Fork is made in Spain's Basque country with an old-world aesthetic and modern functionality." --Kellie Evans, associate food editor Olive Oil Can, $45. 95 for .5-liter can from Flotsam + Fork
"These laminated trays from Shop Fog Linen are actually made from scraps of fabric, then coated in a thin polyeurethane glaze, creating eye-catching, lightweight presentation pieces perfect for at-home cocktails or brunch in bed." --Judy Haubert, food & prop stylist Linen tray, starting at $18 for a small tray from Shop Fog Linen
"A decanter can do so much for even an everyday bottle of wine—this one is striking enough that it improves the look of your room, too."
--Laura Sant, assistant digital editor Amadeo Double Magnum Decanter, $1,990 from Riedel
"I want to drink all coffee and hot beverages in the foreseeable future out of these glazed ceramic mugs from Haand and Seattle-based jewelry maker Sarah Loertscher. Inscribed with gold and platinum geometric patterns, each mug is slightly off-kilter and unique, adding an organic element to an otherwise slick and modern design." --Judy Haubert, food & prop stylist Haand x SL Geometric Mug, $38.40 from Haand
"Reclamation Etchworks, a San Francisco-based company, takes used bottles from Bay-area bars and restaurants and transforms them into these laser-etched, vintage-inspired decanter sets for the home bar." --Karen Shimizu The Variance Set, $199 from Reclamation Etchworks
"Built specifically to help spoon up the last remnants of ice cream, these asymmetric bowls available in colorful mix-and-match sets are perfect for drinking up the last melting drops. I also use them while cooking to hold my mis en place. And, they make great pinch bowls for salt and fresh pepper on the table." --Judy Haubert, food & prop stylist Ice Cream Bowl, $24.95 from Haand

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