2015 Blog Awards: Best Photography Finalists

The 6 finalists for best photography in our 2015 SAVEUR Blog Awards

Each year we've hosted the SAVEUR Blog Awards, we're astounded at the depth, variety, creativity, and ingenuity of the blogs nominated, and this year was no exception. We're thrilled to share a bit about the finalists in each of our 13 categories, which cover everything from baked goods to home design to cocktails. Meet our six finalists for Best Photography, as they share the stories behind their blogs. Or, view all the finalists in the 2015 SAVEUR Blog Awards.

Lady and Pups

Mandy Lee About the Blog
This is Lady and Pups—an “angry food blog and misery outlet.” Three years ago (and counting), I moved from New York to Beijing, which marked the beginning of my pre-midlife crisis. This blog is a phoenix rising out of the tormenting flames of living here, and how frustration can inspire good food. About Mandy
Hi, I’m Mandy. Come share how I turned a lot of frustration and anger in a lovely meal.

Renée Kemps

Renée Kemps About the Blog
My blog is the place where I share my love for good, pure food. Good food is not difficult: it is fresh, seasonal, and made with love. It is combining the most delicious ingredients into a dish that makes you smile. Good food is something that brings people together and creates a shared moment of joy. To me, it is all about the balance between seasonality, whole foods, and some buttery goodness. I hope through this that I share, that I can inspire you. About Renée
I’m a student of English Literature, a family person, and a lover of good food and natural light. I live in Amsterdam and I enjoy exploring all this city’s best spots. I love sharing food, having endless gatherings with the most delicious dishes, and talking about life. One day, I hope to write my own cookbook, work as a culinary journalist, write for magazines, do pop-up brunches/dinners, or maybe even open up a restaurant.

The Tart Tart

Linda Xiao About the Blog
The Tart Tart wasn’t started with much of a plan. I was in a transition phase, had free time, and decided to realize my long­-held desire to write a food blog. As an equal opportunity eater, baker, and cook, I didn’t want to focus on any area of food in general. As a result, my blog entries are based almost entirely on whim, curiosity, and the exploration of light. About Linda
A few summers ago, my now-­husband and I moved across the country after quitting our jobs in San Francisco. We felt no urgency to plunge back into the 9-­to-­5, so, while I figured myself out, I thought I’d start a food blog. As it happens, I fell hard for photography. I am a photographer based in NYC with an extreme love for inky shadows, excellent food writing, and cheese plates.

The Clever Carrot

Emilie Raffa About the Blog
The Clever Carrot is healthy comfort food. Growing up, we ate really well. Our meals were centered around good-quality ingredients with little to no processed food. We bought local. We cooked from scratch. There was always a good-for-you meal on the table. My goal is to share this approach with my readers. My recipes are geared towards balanced eating, but it’s not a diet blog. I focus on whole foods and buy organic whenever I can—you won’t find bleached flour in my house! I want to make better, healthy cooks. About Emilie
In 2006, I graduated from the French Culinary Institute where I earned my degree in Classic Culinary Arts. I went on to work as a private chef, recipe developer, food stylist, and behind the scenes on cooking shows. I’ve always been into food! Then I got a camera…and in 2012, I started this blog.

A Brown Table
A Brown Table

Nik Sharma About the Blog
A Brown Table is a story about the food I love to cook and eat, expressed through my photographs and thoughts. Recipes draw inspiration from my Indian background, but they also take a look at food from an immigrant’s perspective through the use of different ingredients and culinary techniques. Every moment during the creation of any dish—no matter how simple or tedious—has a unique charm to it. It’s what makes me fall in love with cooking over and over again. About Nik
I recently exchanged one white coat for another, moving from a career in molecular biology to working as a pastry chef at a local patisserie, and I hope to attend pastry school later this year. As a self­-taught photographer, I constantly learn through trial and error. I originally grew up in Bombay (Mumbai), India and currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my family.

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