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Breakfast Egg Dishes

Breakfast isn't complete without eggs

Of all the parts of a balanced breakfast, none is as versatile and delicious as the egg. They're wonderful fried or scrambled, of course, but that’s just the start. Sandwiches, omelettes, and more—check out our favorite breakfast egg recipes.

Simple fried eggs are a diner classic. We cook ours in plenty of butter—the key to cooking a perfect sunny side up egg is to baste the top with the melted butter, effectively cooking it from both sides at once. Chef Jim Christiansen, of Heyday restaurant in Minneapolis, serves fried eggs with a lavish North Country spread of hazelnuts, chantarelles, green garlic, and blackberries.

While some people crave a runny fried egg, others prefer fluffy scrambled eggs. We cook them slowly over low heat while constantly stirring. It takes a little time, but you're rewarded with decadently creamy eggs. To take the luxury to the next level, infuse the beaten eggs with black truffles overnight before cooking. For a Mexican scrambled eggs variation, cook your eggs over higher heat with red tomatoes, white onions, and green jalapeños (the colors of the Mexican flag).

An elegant breakfast sandwich is the perfect brunch centerpiece. For something easy, a simple omelette pairs well with ham and lemon curd on brioche. If you want to go all out, serve homemade biscuits with crispy pancetta, collards, marbleized eggs, and an espresso aioli. For an extra-rich open-faced sandwich, try a croque tartine parisienne—ham, bechamel, melted cheese, and a fried egg.

Never run out of breakfast options with our collection of breakfast egg recipes.

Persian Herbed Frittatas with Fenugreek (Kookoo Sabzi)

This variant of the classic Iranian frittata-like egg dish has become a popular street food in London. Feel free to add walnuts, barberries, or raisins to make it your own.

Farideh Sadeghin

Brennan's Eggs Hussarde

This take on eggs Benedict incorporates a rich red wine sauce.

Todd Coleman

Grated Potato and Cheese Omelette

This simple potato and cheese omelette, from The Good Cook: Eggs & Cheese, was shared with us by Tim Mazurek to accompany his Back of the Bookshelf column. Accompanied with a glass of wine and a green salad, it makes a satisfying, affordable dinner.

Tim Mazurek

Biscuits with Pancetta, Collard Greens, Marbleized Eggs, and Espresso Aïoli

Alvin Cailan of Los Angeles' cultish Eggslut goes pancetta-crazy in this sandwich, using eight slices on top of his gorgeously marbleized egg and cooking the collard greens in pancetta fat.

Joseph De Leo

Bacon and Egg Pie

This New Zealand combination of flaky pastry, canary-yellow yolks, and salty bacon has cross-cultural appeal. Get the recipe for Bacon and Egg Pie »

Penny De Los Santos

Minneapolis, Fried Egg with Hazelnuts, Chanterelles, Green Garlic and Blackberries

Chef Jim Christiansen fries his eggs with a splash of water to keep them from burning. Get the recipe for Fried Egg with Hazelnuts, Chanterelles, Green Garlic, and Blackberries

Ariana Lindquist

Eggs Sardou

In any other city but New Orleans you might order eggs Sardou and receive a dish of poached eggs served over artichoke hearts nestled in a bed of creamed spinach. But the original eggs Sardou has far more pizzazz, with anchovies tucked in between the egg and artichoke, and a thick hollandaise sauce blanketing the entire dish, scattered with handfuls of minced black truffle, parsley, and ham and served with elegant fried asparagus spears. It has been served in this manner at the French Quarter restaurant Antoine's since 1908, when it was invented there to celebrate its namesake, the famed French dramatist Victorien Sardou, upon his visit to the Crescent City—a place where, thankfully, such classic extravagance still thrives.

Charlie Varley/Sipa Press

Egg-Topped Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Croque Tartine Parisienne)

A fried egg crowns a decadent sandwich of ham enrobed in bechamel and melted cheese from Oklahoma City's Ludivine restaurant.

James Roper

Kay 'n Dave's Huevos Rancheros

The recipe for this take on the classic Mexican egg, bean, and tortilla dish comes from chef Alejo Grijalva of Brentwood, California's Kay 'n Dave's restaurant.

Helen Rosner

Ham, Cheese, Egg, and Lemon Sandwiches

Lemon curd and goat cheese lends this breakfast sandwich a pleasing tanginess.

Todd Coleman

Butter-Basted Eggs

Crispy-bottomed fried eggs make an ideal breakfast.

Helen Rosner

Gashouse Eggs

More common names for this easy breakfast recipe are eggs in a pocket, one-eyed jack, and baby in the hole. If you prefer your egg over easy rather than sunny side up, crack it into the hole in the bread right after you put the bread into the skillet.

Steve Giralt

Pan-Fried Chorizo Burgers with Avocado, Fried Eggs and Spicy Mayo

A riff on a breakfast plate, these burgers get a wonderfully spicy flavor from an even mix of ground beef and chorizo.

Yossy Arefi

Hangtown Fry

This rich oyster and bacon omelette is based on one from the Tadich Grill in San Francisco. There it is served with a side of sliced tomatoes—a refreshing counterpoint.

Todd Coleman

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Creamy-soft scrambled eggs require slow cooking over low heat. Drier ones call for a hot skillet, less stirring, and quicker cooking. The version explained here employs the slow-and-low approach, with butter, chives, and heavy cream added just before the eggs are done.

Penny De Los Santos

Eggs Baked with Smoked Salmon (Oeufs en Cocotte au Saumon Fumé)

Eggs mixed with cream are poached over a bed of smoked salmon in this simple yet elegant breakfast dish from chef Wolfgang Puck.

Ingalls Photography

Chablis Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles

In this recipe, cracked eggs are infused with grated truffles overnight. Then the eggs are slowly stirred over a double-boiler to produce a velvety scramble.

Ingalls Photography

Brown Butter, Peas, and Mint Omelette

Rich, nutty brown butter perfectly offsets the fresh flavor of sweet peas and mint.

Yossy Arefi

Chicken and Egg Club Sandwich

A toasted poppy seed bagel is piled high with crisp greens, oven-dried tomatoes, roasted chicken, bacon, a fried egg, and homemade buttermilk dressing for a decadent spin on the traditional club sandwich.

Tara O'Brady

Mexican-Style Scrambled Eggs (Huevos a la Mexicana)

This quick breakfast dish is made a la Mexicana with red tomatoes, white onion, and green jalapeño, ingredients that mirror the colors of the Mexican flag.

James Oseland

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Calzone

The classic combination of bacon, egg, and cheese gets folded inside flaky pastry for a breakfast variation on the calzone.

Yossy Arefi