Eye Candy

Red Candies I About The Artist:
Craig Kanarick has been collecting and photographing candy for over 15 years. A former prep cook at Babbo restaurant in New York City, as well as a digital technology expert and designer, he's a fan of the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, which he can see from his apartment window. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Germany, and is available in the Habitat stores in the UK and online at Rockmade and Pingg.
Yellow Candies I
Green Candies I
Pink Candies I
White Candies I
Purple Candies I
Brown Candies I
Orange Candies I
Blue Candies I
Black Candies I
Round Candies I
Animals I
Big Rounds I
Black Alphabet I
16 Starbursts
5 Bears
16 Spins
Pez I
Candy Dots I
Color Cane I
Japanese Flowers I
Japanese Faces I
Japanese Pink Yellow Green
Japanese Silver Ball I
Japanese Rice II
Japanese Pink Rice
Light Blue Rice
Red Thing
Japanese Pink Balls I
Passionfruit Forest
Dutch Twists I
Dutch Twists II
Dutch Coins I
Let's Kiss
Mexican Balls
White Lifesavers
Necklace I
Bracelet I
Black and White on Black
Rainbow on Red
Rainbow on Yellow
Red and Green
Rainbow II
Italian Silver Licorice
Snocaps I
Pink Red White
Bear Pile
Truffles I
Kisses I
Yellow Thing
Eye Candy I

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