Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow

Meatball Shop co-owner Michael Chernow's kitchen is full of light, door-less cabinetry, and Danish cookbooks.

During an extensive search for a standard pot rack, Chernow accidentally stumbled upon the sled that hangs over the counter. "We were looking for stuff for the Stanton Street restaurant and I found this and I thought 'Huh, I could use this as a pot rack.' I found it at an antique shop upstate for like 8 bucks. I'm a bit of a haggler when it comes to the antique thing - I learned from my father." Back to Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow »
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"I love this knife because it has a rounded top," Chernow explains of his prized blade from Korin, New York's holy sanctum of Japanese cutlery. "When I use a knife with a flat top, I get a major callous." He also finds the octagonal handle easier to grip than a traditionally rounded one. Back to Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow »
While there are shelves of cookbooks in the bookcase in the living area, Chernow and his wife keep their most-used volumes right next to the stove. Sara Jenkins' Olives and Oranges has particular emotional resonance: one of Chernow's first restaurant jobs was helping break down the pork sides at Jenkins' New York city restaurant Porchetta . Back to Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow »
Of all Chernow's cookware, this All-Clad stockpot gets the most use. It's wider and shorter than an average stockpot, which he prefers for a smaller kitchen since it's easier to store. The greater surface area helps stocks and stews reduce faster, even though the pot needs to be used over two burners. Back to Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow »
On the wall across from the kitchen hang oversized utensils (another antiquing find) and a framed page from a Danish cookbook, a gift to Chernow's wife Donna from her grandmother. "My grandmother-in-law is also a really great cook. The whole family makes pretty traditional Danish food, but it's incredible. We go to Denmark every Christmas." Back to Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow »
Above: Chernow and his wife both attended culinary school; their toques sit on top of the cabinets and watch over the kitchen. The pulls on all the cabinets (below) are more antique finds. Back to Kitchen Tour: Michael Chernow »

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